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The Following Details should be observed



  • Please describe your product as fully and technically as possible, enclosing catalogues and/or photographs.
  • Samples are always of interest, particularly when promotional material is lacking.
  • Do not include a large number of different products in your offer. Product specialization gives an impression of product expertise.


  • Give prices in convertible currencies or SEK. Prices should be quoted C&F Swedish main port, alternatively via European harbours.
  • Since Swedish businessmen are less accustomed to bargaining, you should suggest the best possible price at the outset in order to win their interest.


  • Remember that Sweden is a small market when you stipulate the minimum quantity for an order. Therefore, small trial orders ought to be accepted.


  • Swedish importers take great care to ensure that the quality of the product matches with that of the sample. The quality must also be consistent both throughout a delivery and from shipment to shipment.


Importers need to know
  • production capacity
  • quantities available for export.


Importers need to know
  • type of packaging, packing material, unit sizes etc.
  • means of transport
  • delivery time


Information is required on your - banking connection (name, address etc.)
  • membership in various trade associations etc.
  • previous export experience

Swedish Importers/agents receive a large number of business offers from all over the world. Therefore we advise you to include all vital information in your first letter since importers often don’t have the time to ask for more details. Prompt answers are always appreciated.

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