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Application Forms

ALL THE VISA APPLICATIONS/ENQUIRIES MAY KINDLY BE FORWARDED TO M/S Cox and Kings Global Service AB, David Bagares gata 26B, 11138 Stockholm, WEBSITE:
Forms for Visas and Related Services
S. No Type of Form  
1 Visa Application Form for Swedish Applicants
2 Visa Application for Latvian Applicants
3 Visa Clearance Request Form
4 Additional Form for Visa Applicants of Pakistan Origin
5 Permission to visit Protected and Restricted Areas
6 Form to be filled by Journalists for Filming Documentaries in India
7 List of Professional Equipment Carried by Journalists
8 Additional Form for Research Visa Applicants

Forms for Passports and Related Services
S. No Type of Form Word Document Pdf Document
1 Application form for Indian Passport
2 Application for Miscellaneous Service on Indian Passports
3 Application for Indian Passport in lieu of lost or damaged passport
4 Affidavit in case of Loss of Indian Passport
5 Declaration by Parents for an Indian Passport to a Minor Applicant
6 Renouncing of Indian Citizenship


Other Forms and Affidavits
S. No Type of Form Word Document Pdf Document
1 Application Form for Miscellaneous Services
2 Application Form for Miscellaneous Services by Corporates
3 Application for Police Clearance Certificate
4 Registration Form for Indian Nationals and PIOs
5 Form for Registration of Birth of Child
6 Affidavit for Minor by Parent Abroad
7 Change of Surname After Marriage
8 Affidavit for Change of Name
9 Affidavit for Change of appearance
10 Affidavit for Signature Change


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Opening hours of the Embassy: 0800 hours to 1630 hours,
closed for lunch 1230 hours to 1300 hours (Monday to Friday)
Working hours for Consular section (submission / collection) 0830 hrs to 1130hrs (Mon to Fri)
(Submission of applications and Collection of documents) 0830 hrs to 1130 hrs (Mon to Fri)
Telephone enquires may be made between 1400 and 1600 hrs
Phone: 08-107 008
Fax: 08-248 505
Visa queries:[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in
OCI Cards:[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in

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