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Teas and Tea Trails of India 

The Embassy of India, in partnership with Tea Board of India, Incredible India, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), and India Unlimited, organized a tea and tourism promotional event, entitled ‘Teas and Tea Trails of India’ at Sheraton Hotel on 16 February 2017 from 1400-1700 hours. The event included presentations and a short film on Indian teas and tourism to India with a special focus on tea-producing States of India, classical dances from different States of India, tea tasting and Indian cuisine. Stalls, banners and rollups were also set up to showcase Indian teas, Ayurveda, Yoga and fascinating tourist destinations of India, as well as to promote India’s flagship initiative on ‘Make in India’. The event attracted about 110 important representatives, among others, from tea importing Swedish companies and related agencies, chain stores, hotels and restaurants; travel and tourism industry; academicians; yoga and Ayurveda fields; and local media. 

Ambassador Monika Kapil Mohta, in her opening remarks, highlighting India’s rich cultural heritage and diversity, described importance of Indian teas and India as an attractive and one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world, significantly contributing to India’s economic growth.   

The event including a brief session of yoga and breathing exercises by Ms. Pia Lahdenpera from Art of Living; detailed presentations by (i) Mr. Santosh Sarangi, Chairman, Tea Board of India, on a variety of India Teas and related statistics, (ii) Mr. Ashok Kapoor, a tea expert, who spoke about history of Indian teas, and (iii) Mr. Sanjoo Malhotra, Chief Executive Director, India Unlimited, on ‘Tea-Producing States of India and Tourist Attractions’; performances of Indian classical dances by Saraswati Kalakendra, Omkar Group, and  Jhanjhariya Group; and tea tasting which included Indian black, white and green teas. The participants were also presented with a goodie bag each, which included samples of Indian teas, promotional material on Indian teas, and booklets entitled ‘India surges ahead’ and ‘Make in India’. To conclude the event, Indian delicacies were served.


16 February 2017

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